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GIAWe have been helping our customers select diamonds at Fox's for over 90 years. Our diamonds are absolutely the finest quality. We specialize in Ideal cut diamonds, as well as fine color and clarity. If you are looking at buying one of our diamonds, you should know that we accompany many of our diamonds with a diamond grading certificate from at least one of the two most recognized and respected Gem Laboratories: AGS (American Gem Society) and GIA (Gemological Institute of America.


AGSIf at all possible, please come in to the store to let our Gemologists demonstrate the true beauty of the gem. It is easiest to see the unique personality of the diamond when you can see them in person, and compare several to make the best decision. We invite you to email, call, or come in to see our handpicked selection of fantastic diamonds. We think you'll be impressed. Fox's also carries a wide selection in precious colored stones such as Sapphire, Ruby, and Emerald. We are known for our unique and beautiful gemstones so if you are looking for something special, Fox's is the place to find it...

Fox's represents these Diamond Jewelry lines:


Kotlar Engagement
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products in stock | about | website


Understanding Diamonds: